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It is a private project of the famous designer Mark Monchiardini (CA,USA), where you can find much useful advice on special effects creation based on such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash and others. The author explains in plain words how they can be made.
The portal is dedicated to 3-D graphics. It contains a lot of free models, textures and other items. We strongly advise you to visit the gallery of the completed projects.
Analogous resource in Russian
International Flash Club
Here you will find answers to the questions you would like to ask about the FLASH technology. The site includes a forum. It is a section dedicated to learning. It contains sources, chart and plenty of links to other resources of no less interest.
Another Russian site is dedicated on FLASH technology. Contains amusing games.
Another Russian site is dedicated to 3-D graphics related issues. News, reviews, gallery, links, learning, lessons, forums, books and many other sections make up the long list of the contents to be found on this resource. It is highly recommended to visit to those who deal with creation and animation of 3-D scenes and wants to be in the know of the latest news and events in the tree-dimentoinal computer world.
Another Russian extensive site about 3-D graphics and more...

Magazine "Publish"
Electronic Russian version of "Publish", one of most popular and highly respected magazines about design. It provides useful information that is necessary to everybody - from beginners to mature professionals.

Magazine [Kak) ("How")
This is a magazine about modern graphical design. It was established and has been supported by many famous Russian designers.


The site of the company that once revolutionalized on-line Web-design bringing to the market its famous product Flash. Various (but always powerful) Internet software and more...

METASTREAM ≈ The Marketing Visualization System For e-Commerse
Ubiquitous system for visualizing 3-D images in real time in the window of your browser.

iPIX ≈ Internet Pictures Corporation
The company focusing on software for creating and viewing "cycling" pictures that can turn at 360 degrees.
Archives of logotypes belonging to many well-known foreign and national companies and organizations. You can have a look at any logotype as well as download the source file in the vector format. If you believe that the logotype of your firm is of no less interest or just brilliant you can try to add it into the archives.
The site is meant for those who are accustomed to making use of vector pictures - the "clip-arts" base is being expanded.

On visiting the projects represented on Adobe`s site you will get... (you`d better go and find out yourself what)
Have an exciting viewing experience!
Something interesting and unusual...
The triumph of reason that has created electronic animals you can see on the screen of your PC., ≈ Just in case :-)

Flash site with a large number of original and rather cheerful cartoons. The high-strung are strongly advised not to watch them.

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